Write a short note on the making of indian constitution

Some of our important duties are to obey the rules and laws of the country, respect the rights of write a short note on the making of indian constitution citizens, pay the taxes honestly and in time and defend our country in times of need.

Write an essay on the constitution of India

It means that the head of the state is not a monarch, but a president indirectly elected by the people. The Supreme Court or a high court may declare the amendment null and void if this is violated, after a judicial review. The all Important the Committee who take the responsibility of drafting the Constitution called Drafting Committee formed on 29th August, None of them satisfied Indian aspirations as they were imposed by an alien rule.

It was called the Constituent Assembly. It defines the distribution of power among various organs of the government. Our Constitution has given some Fundamental Rights to all citizens. It was decided that the government would regulate the ownership of land and industry to reduce socioeconomic inequality.

Many experts have written dedicated books on making of constitution but a simplified brief on incremental stages of its formulation was missing. If such an interpretation is not possible because of inconsistency and where separation is possiblethe provision which is inconsistent with the constitution is considered void.

For official purposes, this was called the first-reading. It visualized a parliamentary system with full responsible government and joint electorates with time bound reservation of seats for minorities.

Discussion for three days and final voting for amendment of certain clauses NovemberOfficially called the second-reading of constitution Bill, this phase witnessed amendments being moved.

This view is not totally correct as the British government conceded reluctantly and belatedly only partially the demands of the leaders of the national movement and tried to reduce the intensity of the movement as a last resort from time to time.

There were differences of opinions among various leaders of the freedom struggle, but they were unanimous in making India into a democratic country. Then, all members signed three copies, the English print version and calligraphed version in English and Hindi, of the Constitution.

He also augmented it by filling obvious gaps himself in the form of suggestions, or indicated certain spaces that would only be filled after reports of sectoral committees came in. All the citizens are equal before the law. According to our Constitution, India is a Democratic Republic.

Deliberations in Drafting Committee and resultant Draft Constitution October February Assembly had resolved in July to constitute a drafting committee which will attune the constitution Bill from the perspective of legislative language and other such aspects.

Constitution of India

Philosophy of the Constitution To understand the philosophy of the Indian Constitution, you need to understand the preamble of the constitution.

There was a see-saw battle between the demands of the national movement and the concessions granted through the Acts ofand There were members in the Indian Constituent Assembly. The Assembly Party meetings were open to non-congressmen who cared to attend.

Most of its features were later included in the Constitution of India. Under this system, every Indian citizen above the age of 18 years has the right to vote and participate in choosing the government.

Rashtrapati Bhawan is a very big house. It reflects the new aspirations and values of the people of India and testifies how the people of India are the supreme masters in all matters concerning the welfare of Indians.

These are instructions which the Constitution gives to the States the government at both the central and the state level for achieving a just society in India. Worked till 20 Dec. India would adopt a form of government in which people would elect their rulers and hold them accountable.

He is free to live in any part of the country and follow any profession or occupation of his choice. In response to the continuous demand of the national movement, the British government appointed all-white Simon Commission in November to recommend constitutional changes.

Short Notes on Making of the Constitution

In at Lahore session of Congress, a resolution was passed about the overall objective of the constitution. Inthe Coalition Government in England recognised the principle that Indians should themselves frame a new Constitution for autonomous India, and in Marchwhen the Japanese were about to attack India, they sent Sir Stafford Cripps, a member of the Cabinet, with a draft declaration of the proposals by the British Government which were to be adopted at the end of the War, if the two major Indian Political parties — the Congress and the Muslim League accepted them, but the two parties failed to arrive at an agreement to accept the proposals.

Our Rashtrapati is the Constitutional Head of the State. Every citizen has the freedom to express his thoughts and ideas. To make the Constitution an assembly of the elected representatives of the people was set up. Two or three of these committees also sat jointly to consider matters lying in overlapping zones of consideration.Write a short note on the making of indian constitution.

Get the answers you need, now! Mindful of India's needs and conditions, its framers borrowed features of previous legislation, such as the Government of India Actthe Indian Councils Acts ofandthe Government of India Acts of andand the Indian Independence Act The latter, which led to the creation of India and Pakistan, Author(s): B.

R. Ambedkar and Drafting committee of the Constituent Assembly of India. India being a diverse country faced various difficulties while drawing up its Constitution.

The problems were: During the making of the Constitution, the people of India were emerging from the status of subjects to that of citizens. The partition of the country happened on the basis of religious differences/5(22).

Making of the Indian Constitution: a simplified brief Shares Write your comment. Anyway, their reports to Assembly included draft provisions of the constitution and some explanatory notes.

Usually, the chairperson of the respective committee submitted the report to the President of Assembly, as also presented it in the Assembly and. Brief Notes on Constitution of India. Fundamental Duties have been incorporated by the forty-second Amendment of the Constitution, with the purpose of making citizens patriotic, help them to follow a code of conduct that would strengthen the nation, protect its sovereignty and integrity of India.

Brief Notes on Fundamental Rights ; What. Write a brief note on the making of the Indian Constitution. Class 8 - Civics - The Indian Constitution.

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Write a short note on the making of indian constitution
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