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Professional Indemnity Insurance

Such Holders, however, shall agree to such covenants and indemnification and underwriting agreement indemnity health obligations for selling stockholders as are customarily contained in agreements of that type used by the managing underwriter.

For the purposes of this Section 1 a any information provided by Boston Edison Company will be treated as information provided by BEC and any information provided by Commonwealth Electric Company will be treated as information provided by CEC.

Such reimbursement or indemnity shall either be underwritten by an insurance company authorized to write accident, health and disability insurance in the state or guaranteed by a surety company authorized to do business in this state, or guaranteed by a deposit of cash or securities eligible for investment by insurers pursuant to chapter Each free writing prospectus that the Company has filed, or is required to file, pursuant to Rule d under the Securities Act or that was prepared by or on behalf of or used or referred to by the Company complies or will at the time of such filing comply in all material respects with the requirements of the Securities Act and the applicable rules and regulations of the Commission thereunder.

Each Underwriter severally covenants with the Company not to take any action that would result in the Company being required to file with the Commission under Rule d a free writing prospectus prepared by or on behalf of such Underwriter that otherwise would not be required to be filed by the Company thereunder, but for the action of the Underwriter.

No indemnifying party shall, without the prior written consent of the indemnified party, effect any settlement of any pending or threatened proceeding in respect of which any indemnified party is or could have been a party and indemnity could have been sought hereunder by such indemnified party, unless such settlement includes an unconditional release of such indemnified party from all liability on claims that are the subject matter of such proceeding and does not include a statement as to or an admission of fault, culpability or a failure to act by or on behalf of any indemnified party.

If the reimbursement or indemnity is guaranteed by a deposit of cash or securities, such deposit shall be in such amount as the insurance commissioner shall direct, but in no event in a sum greater than the amount of one hundred fifty thousand dollars or the amount necessary to cover incurred but unpaid reimbursement or indemnity benefits as reported in the last annual statement filed with the insurance commissioner, and adjusted to reflect known or anticipated increases or decreases during the ensuing year, plus an amount of unearned prepayments applicable to reimbursement or indemnity benefits satisfactory to the insurance commissioner, whichever amount is greater.

Payment for the Firm Shares to be sold by each Seller shall be made to such Seller in Federal or other funds immediately available in New York City against delivery of such Firm Shares for the respective accounts of the several Underwriters at approximately The several obligations of the Underwriters to purchase Additional Shares hereunder are subject to the delivery to you on the applicable Option Closing Date of such documents as you may reasonably request with respect to the good standing of the Company, the due authorization and issuance of the Additional Shares to be sold on such Option Closing Date and other matters related to the issuance of such Additional Shares.

Underwriting Agreement Sample Clauses

Such Holders shall not be required to make any representations or warranties to or agreements with the Company or the underwriters except as they may relate to such Holders and their intended methods of distribution.

The Company covenants with each Underwriter as follows: The Sellers are advised by you that the Underwriters propose to make a public offering of their respective portions of the Shares as soon after the Registration Statement and this Agreement have become effective as in your judgment is advisable.

Any free writing prospectus that the Company is required to file pursuant to Rule d under the Securities Act has been, or will be, filed with the Commission in accordance with the requirements of the Securities Act and the applicable rules and regulations of the Commission thereunder.

The Firm Shares and Additional Shares shall be registered in such names and in such denominations as you shall request in writing not later than one full business day prior to the Closing Date or the applicable Option Closing Date, as the case may be.

In the case of any such separate firm for the Company, and such directors, officers and control persons of the Company, such firm shall be designated in writing by the Company. The Company shall enter into an underwriting agreement with the managing underwriter sif any, selected by any Holders whose Registrable Securities are being registered pursuant to this Section 5, which managing underwriter shall be reasonably acceptable to the Company.

If the reimbursement or indemnity is underwritten by an insurance company, the contract or policy of insurance may designate the health care service contractor as the named insured, but shall be for the benefit of the persons who have previously paid, or on whose behalf prepayment has been made, for such health care services.

Underwriting agreement indemnity health cash or security deposit shall underwriting agreement indemnity health held in trust by the insurance commissioner and shall be for the benefit of the persons who have previously paid, or on whose behalf prepayment has been made, for such health care services.

A to fund or facilitate any activities or business of or with any Person or in any country or territory that, at the time of such funding or facilitation, is the subject of Sanctions; or B in any other manner that will result in a violation of Sanctions by any Person including any Person participating in the offering, whether as underwriter, advisor, investor or otherwise.

The Holders shall be parties to any underwriting agreement relating to an underwritten sale of their Registrable Securities and may, at their option, require that any or all the representations, warranties and covenants of the Company to or for the benefit of such underwriters shall also be made to and for the benefit of such Holders.

Whether or not the transactions contemplated in this Agreement are consummated or this Agreement is terminated, the Company agrees to pay or cause to be paid all expenses incident to the performance of their obligations under this Agreement, including: The indemnifying party shall not be liable for any settlement of any proceeding effected without its written consent, but if settled with such consent or if there be a final judgment for the plaintiff, the indemnifying party agrees to indemnify the indemnified party from and against any loss or liability by reason of such settlement or judgment.

Further, such Holders shall execute appropriate custody agreements and otherwise cooperate fully in the preparation of the registration statement and other documents relating to any offering in which they include securities pursuant to this Section 5. Representations and Warranties of the Selling Stockholders.

Any exercise notice shall specify the number of Additional Shares to be purchased by the Underwriters and the date on which such shares are to be purchased.

The several obligations of the Underwriters are subject to the following further conditions: The shares of Class B common stock outstanding prior to the issuance of the Shares to be sold by the Company have been duly authorized and are validly issued, fully paid and non-assessable.

GAAP have been created in the financial statements of the Companyand no unpaid tax deficiency has been determined adversely to the Company or any of its subsidiaries which has had nor does the Company nor any of its subsidiaries have any notice or knowledge of any unpaid tax deficiency which could reasonably be expected to be determined adversely to the Company or its subsidiaries and which would reasonably be expected to have a material adverse effect.

The liability of each Selling Stockholder under the indemnity agreement contained in this paragraph shall be limited to an amount equal to the aggregate Public Offering Price, less underwriting discounts and commissions, of the Shares sold by such Selling Stockholder under this Agreement.

In the case of any such separate firm for the Selling Stockholders and such control persons of any Selling Stockholders, such firm shall be designated in writing by the persons named as attorneys-in-fact, with respect to the Non-Founder Selling Stockholders under the Powers of Attorney, and the Founder Selling Stockholder, with respect to the Founder Selling Stockholder.Underwriting Agreement.

This Agreement has been duly authorized, executed and delivered by the Company, and is a valid and binding agreement of the Company, enforceable in accordance with its terms, except as rights to indemnification hereunder may be limited by applicable law and except as the enforcement hereof may be limited.

Underwriting agreement The contract between a corporation issuing new publicly offered securities and the managing underwriter as agent for the underwriting group. Compare to agreement among underwriters. Underwriting Agreement A contract between the issuer of a security and a managing underwriter stating the responsibilities and rights of each.

Underwriting Agreement (1) - Download as Word Doc .doc /.docx), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. give me one more chance. Air Underwriting – Professional Indemnity for D & C Risks Air Underwriting has a delegated authority agreement in place with XL Catlin and the Argo International Syndicate.

We can quote for D & C Professional Indemnity risks for Builders and allied trades through our on-line facility. UNDERWRITING AGREEMENT,Morgan Stanley & Co. LLC state and local laws and regulations relating to the protection of human health and made in this Section. It is understood, however, that except as provided in this Section 9, Section 11 entitled “Indemnity and Contribution” and the last paragraph of Section 13 below.

WHEREAS, the Parties will enter into an Underwriting Agreement with Goldman Sachs & Co. and Lehman Brothers, Inc. (together, the “Underwriters”), pursuant to which the Underwriters will purchase the Certificates from the .

Underwriting agreement indemnity health
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