The benefits of establishing a business presence on the island of kava

Wagtail Conservation Dinner with Faansie Peacock. Jan has won a two-night stay for two people at the luxurious Tswalu Kalahari, with flights and meals included. At-sea observations can not only contribute to our knowledge of the distributions of many species, but also help to identify biodiversity hotspots and the optimal locations for Marine Important Bird and Biodiversity Areas Marine IBAs and marine protected areas MPAs.

Please consider supporting this exciting initiative — you will be making a valuable contribution to bird conservation. I am very grateful to have been given the opportunity to go on this research cruise and for being able to follow my passion for seabirds!

Through internships, BirdLife South Africa provides graduates with work experience and skills development relevant to their chosen career, giving young professionals a competitive advantage when seeking full-time employment.

The use of statistical modelling in conservation leads to a far deeper understanding of natural systems, which is the foundation for the sustainable use and management of pressures on biodiversity. Currently, just fewer than 18 pairs remain in South Africa, down from 50 in the year and about one million pairs in the early s.

Saturday 10 November 08h00—17h Its advertising has a broad reach and we encourage optics and camera and lens companies, bird guides, tour companies, birding and nature destinations and nature apparel brands to book a stand. Wagtail Conservation Festival, with a bird walk starting at 06h30 and talks starting at 09h Andrew de Blocq and Reason Nyengera, both of the BirdLife South Africa Seabird Conservation Programme, and Jenni Roberts, whose MSc thesis was co-supervised by members of the programme, recently ventured out to Robben Island to collect data for a project that is examining whether seabirds breeding on islands benefit from fishing exclusion zones around their islands.

The Wagtail Conservation Festival is a weekend when we all come together for the greater good of our environment, to educate about the importance of conservation and to partner with people from all walks of life, cultures and backgrounds. And, as anyone who has worked with penguins knows, handling them is not a one-man job!

To find out more about similar courses, visit www. The following day the action will begin early and continue until 17h00, with talks and guided walks taking place throughout the day.

A flock of Masked Boobies. The knowledge and skills that Nndwandiyawe acquired from this course benefit not only the Birds and Renewable Energy programme, but BirdLife South Africa as a whole.

Our stall drew many people wanting to know more about who we are and what we do. They seem phlegmatic about living on the edge, even though in some houses the floors are too hot to walk on barefoot — great in winter, but less so in summer!

We are, however, looking for more companies and individuals to sponsor BBD A species list obtained from two hours of birding in a pentad is also more representative of the various species within the pentad than a list submitted after just 30 minutes of birding.

For more information, contact Ernst Retief at ernst. Andrew de Blocq tagging an African Penguin; Right: Amanzimtoti and Illovo lie on the Sapphire Coast, an ecotourism treasure chest, and we want to ensure that visitors and residents alike spend time exploring this wonderful gem that teems with birdlife.

It also offers some of the best views of Table Mountain! Using a standardised protocol, the project collects data about the distributions of seabirds at sea and addresses the gap in our knowledge of where seabirds go when they are not breeding. Although apprehensive about learning a new programme and not confident in maths, Nndwandiyawe reported that the course was useful and enjoyable.

Riding in a very small inflatable boat to the tiny, uninhabited island of Cima, we were being battered and soaked by the incessant Cape Verde trade winds when, looking up, we got a brief view of a towering Pterodroma!

In almost the entire town was destroyed by a massive lava flow that also decimated its famed vineyards. Our trip started with a visit to Cha das Caldeira, a tiny town in the caldera of the active volcano on the island of Fogo.

Fortunately I was able to round off ticking the species the following day. There are a few Africa-endemic seabirds that I have not seen. BirdLife South Africa is inviting nominations for consideration for the award.As the country’s only dedicated bird conservation NGO, it is important for BirdLife South Africa to keep in touch with the public and inform them abou.

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The benefits of establishing a business presence on the island of kava
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