Study of refrigeration and air condition unit lab report

Heat is given up to the cooling water and the refrigerant condenses to liquid before passing to the expansion valve. Closed cycle vapor compression heat pumps electric and engine driven ii. Refrigerator consists of four main components which are; compressor, evaporator, expansion valve and condenser.

The process cycle of heat pump is clearly illustrated in pressure enthalpy diagram. Experiment 3 The experiment is to determine the production of vapor compression cycle on p-h diagram nd energy balance study The experiment is to study determine the production of heat pump perfomance curves over a range of evaporating and condensation temperature.

Thus, as it flows through the evaporator, there is a temperature difference between the refrigerant and the water being drawn across the coils. Areas of interest include heating of buildings, recovery of industrial waste heat for steam production and heating of process water for e. The pressure of the circulating substance working fluid is reduced back to the evaporator condition in the throttling valve.

The objectives of this experiment is to determine the power input, heat output and coefficient of perfomance. Thus, the temperature rises and the hot vapor then enters the water cooled condenser.

This experiment demonstrated the general operation of vapor compression heat pump. Experiment 5 The objectives of this experiment is to estimate the effect of compressor pressure ratio on volumetric efficiency.

The heat pump consists of a hermetic compressor, a water-cooled plate heat exchanger, a thermostatic expansion valve and a water heated plate heat exchanger. The objectives of this experiment is to determine the production of heat pump perfomance curves over a range of source and delivery temperatures.

This causes the saturation temperature to fell to below that the atmospheric. Heat transformers a type of absorption heat pump iii. A refrigeration unit is a unit composed of several machineries that can transfer heat from a low-temperature region to a high-temperature region.

In the evaporator the heat is extracted from the heat source to boil the circulating substance ii. Each component works together to perform a series of process. The objectives of this experiment successfully achieved.

Vapor compression heat pump cycle The components are; 1. Generally, there are three types of heat pump systems: The process includes a cycle of refrigerant and a flow of cooling water. The temperature at which heat is delivered in the condenser and the evaporator is controlled by the water flow rate and its inlet temperature.

Heat pump technology has attracted increasing attention as one of the most promising technologies to save energy.

During the operation, slightly superheated refrigerant Ra vapor enters the compressor from the evaporator and its pressure is increased.

The resulting heat transfer causes the refrigerant to boil, and upon leaving the evaporator it has become slightly superheated vapor, ready to return to the compressor. Instrumentations are all provided for the measurement of flow rates of both refrigerant and cooling water, power input to the compressor and all relevant temperatures.Avail the fantastic range of Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Lab Manufacturers, Supplier and Exporter.

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Laboratory report Vapour-Compression Refrigeration Experiment Thermodynamics Date of experiment: 26 June RA1 Refrigeration Unit was utilized for laboratory purposes. RA1 is a vapor compression refrigeration system with sensors on essential parameters of the system.

MM REFRIGERATION AND AIR CONDITIONING LAB 3 The Effects of. LAB REPORT AIR COND. The objective is to experiment with air heating and compare air condition with the real air condition measured using wet and dry bulb thermometers.

The component that connects the refrigeration unit and the air conditioning unit is the evaporator. This is because when the refrigerant enters the evaporator, the. Refrigeration Unit Lab Report fkk. Refrigeration Air Conditioning Lab Manual. Refrigeration Laboratory Unit. Refrigeration Lab Report.

refrigerant unit. Experiment 6 (Refrigerator))1. vapour compression refrigeration. Refrigeration. Study of a Refrigeration Unit (R) Steam Plant Alalysis Report.

VLE-UNIT. Turbine Lab Report. Shell and. Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Mechanic Department of Advanced Education, Skills and Labour enthalpy control on the economizer of a rooftop air conditioning unit? A. Voltmeter, ammeter and ohmmeter. Study Guide – Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Mechanic.

Air Conditioning Laboratory. Project Design Team Members: Sean Gallagher Prathana Vannarath The students will be asked to write a short report following each lab, and after every experiment has been completed, a technical paper will be written bringing together all the concepts learned.

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Study of refrigeration and air condition unit lab report
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