Site investigation in construction

Site investigations in one form or the other is generally required for every big civil engineering project. To select suitable construction techniques.

Setting clear objectives for the site investigation, including scope and requirements, which enable it to be planned and carried out efficiently and provide the required information.

The subsurface investigation must therefore be of sufficient extent to provide enough information for a thorough understanding of the interaction of proposed foundations and supporting soil or rock on which to base a safe and economical design.

However, it is usual for the site investigation to be a phased exercise.

What is a Site Investigation / Site Investigations?

Where contaminants are found that had not been previously known about. Leave a Reply Your email address will not be published.

It also includes in-situ testing of the soils. The number one objective of a site investigation is to determine as accurately as may required The nature and sequence of strata The ground water conditions Site investigation in construction the site The physical properties of soil and rock underlying the site The mechanical properties such as strength of different soil or rock strata Site investigations have to be structured to acquire all possible information toward a thorough understanding of the subsurface condition and probable foundation behaviour.

Determining an appropriate design. To select the type and depth of foundation for a given structure. In relation to waste management and the protection of water quality and resources. Underlying geology, and ground and hydro-geological properties.

There is no single way to carry out an investigation, and inevitably different advisors will adopt different approaches for any particular project. Identification of physical hazards. To investigate the safety of the existing structures and to suggest the remedial measures. Depth of Site Investigation The site investigation should be carried to such a depth that the entire zone of soil or rock affected by the changes caused by the building or the construction will be adequately explored.

Supplementary investigation and construction control. To establish the ground water level and to determine the properties of water.

To estimate the probable maximum and differential settlements. Providing soil parameters for design and construction. Site reconnaissance a walkover survey: Site investigations should include: This includes key characteristics of the structure, when it is scheduled to be built.Supplementary investigation and construction control.

Site Investigation Purpose and Objectives The objective of a site investigation is to gather the information needed to carry out the risk assessment, in order to be in a position to assess the presence and significance of contamination of land.

Construction Accident Investigation Construction accident investigation is a service that hopefully will be rarely used. The focus of your safety efforts should be. The knowledge about the site forms a vital role in the safe and economical development of a site.

A thorough investigation of the site is an essential preliminary to the construction of any civil engineering works.

Objectives of Site Investigation Work To access the general suitability of the site. To achieve safe and economical design [ ]. We provide site testing services across the UK, and our area of expertise lies in the North and North West of England, which has a diverse set of soils.

Site Investigation Services. Site Testing Services Ltd was established in and continues to provide NATIONWIDE site testing services throughout the UK. From Plate Load Testing to /5(10). May 31,  · Well Construction Details, Madison-Kipp Corporation, Madison, Wisconsin.

Groundwater Analytical Results, AprilMadison-Kipp Corporation, Madison, Wisconsin. Site investigation activities were initiated in in response to a request from the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (WDNR).

Site investigations had been. Site Investigation in Construction Site investigations or subsurface explorations are done for obtaining the information about subsurface conditions at the site of proposed construction.

Site Investigation Services

Site investigations in one form or the other is generally required for every big civil engineering project.

Site investigation in construction
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