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Customer Analysis The customer analysis is conducted in order to find the need of the customers thus, linking it with the key recommendation and it helps out to identify the right key advice.

Saxonville Sausage Case Analysis Essay Sample

Despite this slow progress of the market, Italian sausage showed growth across producers in the Saxonville sausage analysis sausage market. Pros It adds more value to the general family concept It is an easier tactical application and can be implement easily Cons The company can lose focus on the original target and it is less inspirational.

The best source for insight on how the company should position itself is females, since they are the primary purchasers and prepares of Italian sausage.

It is Capitalizing on Saxonville nationwide brand awareness and its developing retail power……………………. With these accomplishments, the company must also analyze their shortcomings. Banks and her team needed to evaluate and decide from among three alternatives: Research showed that the company has two viable alternatives to choose from in approaching a positioning concept to pursue.

External Situation See Appendix 1 for full listing The number of people eating sausage for breakfast is decreasing, as it is becoming more of a staple for special occasions, such as weekends. To address this management can continue quantitative testing in other regions before offering the new product or evaluating the effectiveness of the campaign in key markets and adjusting as needed.

Opportunities The popularity of Italian sausages is growing in the market, and another opportunity for the company is that there are no international competitors for fresh sausage. It was easier to provide tactical support for Clever Cooking.

They also have not spent the time to conduct market research on the Italian customer.

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This positioning idea also received the highest votes in a poll of consumers, asking which positioning concept they liked best. The team narrowed the positioning concepts to these four: Recommendation To optimize brand identity, the company should pursue the first option of marketing the idea of Family Connection.

Get Access Saxonville Sausage Case Analysis Essay Sample Saxonville Sausage Company, a year-old privately held family business, produces a variety of pork sausage products, thus already having a loyal customer base.

They must now determine an ideal name for their line of Italian sausage, and if they should continue nationally with the Vivio brand name, or create different tactics, including a name change, in positioning the product. As far as marketing goes, Saxonville only supported the Vivio brand with base trade spending.

The concept can easily copy by the competitors.

Saxonville Sausage – Case Analysis

In order to determine the best positioning strategy, Banks conducted qualitative and quantitative research from target consumers to understand their behaviors and needs.

This idea is more distinctive and durable having resulted in the highest number of purchase intent when compared to the other concept.

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The company underperformed the market in breakfast sausage, Saxonville sausage analysis in a double-digit decline in revenue. Segmenting Dimension The core customers of the company are the peopleworking out of the home, part or full time while working from home as a home maker.

This will enable the company to see which geographical areas they are missing, while not taking focus away from present customers.

While the first two alternatives were mutually exclusive, the third option could be paired with either of the first two options e. Sausage is easily cooked. The concept was already implied.A Case Study based on Saxonville Sausage Company and it's brand positioning conflicts.

Saxonville sausage company- A Case Study 1. Saxonville Sausage Company HARVARD BUSINESS SCHOOL | BRIEFCASES Female Head of Household Exhibit 1 Pre Market Research Competitive Analysis: No national players,29 local/regional brands Purchase trends. Saxonville Sausage Company, a year-old privately held family business, produces a variety of pork sausage products, thus already having a loyal customer base.

Their Italian sausage, presently branded as Vivio, became part of the Italian sausage market inyet has experienced flat sales. Sincethe overall market demand for sausage products has been flat in both the bratwurst and breakfast sausage categories, while the only market segment showing significant growth was the Italian sausage category (overall market growth of 9% in and 15% in ).

Saxonville’s Italian line, Vivio, was keeping pace with the growth of [ ]. Saxonville case Analysis 1. Saxonville Sausage Company 2. Well established German brand in the US 70 years old company $ billion sales in View Notes - Saxonville from BUS at Ball State University.

Case Analysis: Saxonville Sausage Company Han Zhao MBA 1. Briefly describe the current situation as you see it. Saxonvilles main95%(20).

Case Analysis – Saxonville Sausage Company Background Saxonville Sausage Company is a seventy year old family owned business located in Saxonville, Ohio; the company manufactures a variety of fresh pork sausages which are sold throughout the United States.

Saxonville sausage analysis
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