Save the west indian manatee

Antillean manatees are sparsely distributed throughout the Caribbean and the northwestern Atlantic Ocean, from Mexicoeast to the Greater Antillesand south to Brazil.

Florida manatees inhabit the most northern limit of sirenian habitats. Boat strike injury on back of a manatee A recent count revealed there are only 1, manatees left. The Florida manatee subspecies occurs from eastern Texas to Virginia in the summer, but occupies waters of Florida and southeastern Georgia all year-round.

Speed limits should be restricted by law to less than 20 mph. Only when we realize that human actions are the root cause of the suffering of these placid beasts can we take the necessary responsible for their preservation.

Most males reach sexual maturity by the time they are three or four. It is suggested that chronic fermentation may also provide additional heat and is correlated with their low metabolic rate.

Sonar technology is also aiding in the West Indian Manatee conservation. Pin it Because they only have six vertebrae most other mammals have sevenmanatees cannot turn their necks sideways to look at something that catches their attention.

The average West Indian manatee is about 2. Future implications include better estimates of populations and population dynamics. Manatee numbers have been up in recent years, but conservationists warn that the population boost could be misleading: Their story is a familiar one - humans are the major threat to their existence.

The other subspecies of the West Indian manatee is sometimes referred to as the Antillean manatee T. Myth has it that the sailors -- starved for female company -- upon viewing a manatee thought it was a mermaid.

Their facial expressions are indicative of their overall behavior which is placid.

A major problem with speed boats is that the slow-moving manatee feeding, sleeping or swimming in the shallow water has a difficult time avoiding the high-speed watercraft when it passes overhead, especially when the animal comes up for a breath of air. Constrained by a tourism economy and high rate of population growth, the state of Florida finds it increasingly difficult to balance the needs of wildlife with the needs of the local economy.

Each year, thousands of new residents move to Florida where they express their "right to enjoy the good life. Pregnancy lasts for 11 to 14 months and the calf remains dependent on its mother for up to two years 5 9. He has studied manatees in Florida and Jamaica and continues his work with manatees as a naturalist with Oceanic Society Expeditions.

The vibrissae located in their facial region are roughly 30 times denser than the vibrissae on the rest of their body. While this is a regularly occurring species along coastal southern Floridaduring summer, this large mammal has even been found as far north as Dennis, Massachusettsand as far west as Texas.

According to Alvarez-Aleman et al. Some scientists Rathbun, Reid, Bonde, and Powell, have observed that manatees form long periods of mating herds when wandering males come across estrous females, which indicates the possibility that males are able to sense the estrogen or other chemical indicators.

There is no distinct breeding season but when a female is receptive, many males may surround her in a mating herd and she will often mate with more than one male 6. Unlike its very distant relative, the elephant, the thick-skinned manatee has a small, cow-like head, prehensile flippers, no hind limbs, and a large, wide paddle-like tail.

Replacement of the molar teeth are done so in the forward direction. Pin it Manatees, like any other animal, are merely one part of a much larger system -- remove one element, and the whole thing inevitably falls apart.

One of the "costs" of having a low metabolism is the need to have a warm environment where the ambient climate is basically "room temperature. During the winter months in America, manatees concentrate in Florida since they do not have blubber to keep them warm and hence prefer warmer waters.

Adults can reach 13 feet in length and weigh as much as 3, pounds.

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Additionally, environmental stresses such as red tide and cold waters cause several health problems to manatees such as immunosuppression, disease, and even death. At other times of the year, manatees have been sighted from Louisiana to the Carolinas and Virginia. Additionally, since studies have shown that death does not appear to be a common result of capture, it is believed that capture and care is necessary for manatees inhabiting Florida, Puerto Rico, and Belize.

European sailors actually saw West African manatees Trichechus senagalensis off the coast of Africa decades before Columbus accidentally arrived in the Americas.

The animals would show where they wanted to be scratched and the happy humans would oblige. Manatees in North America carry out seasonal migrations. While many manatees are known to eat a large quantity throughout the day, the amount they eat depends on their body size and activity level.

In fact, the incisors have been replaced by horny gingival plates. Pin it Manatees have been known to body surf or "barrel roll" -- a fun maneuver where the animals spin round and round in a degree motion -- just for kicks. The manatee is a symbol of the conflict, and its fate in the United States will be determined by what Floridians value more: At a glance, their grayish-brown skin is wrinkly and peppered with short bristly hairs.A manatee injured by a watercraft collision is rescued.

Photo ©Cora Berchem, Save the Manatee Club. The manatee has several homologous structures similar to elephants. One is the shape, the shape of them is round and blubbery.

This is an adaption that both the elephant and the manatee have acquired through evolution, along with their skin. Saving the West Indian Manatees The fact that many species, including the manatee, are declining is not the problem.

The decline of species is symptomatic of a greater problem-namely habitat loss from human encroachment and development. U.S.

West Indian manatee

Fish & Wildlife Service West Indian Manatee Trichechus manatus Introduction Christopher Columbus was the first European to report seeing a manatee in the New World.

To Columbus, and other sailors who had been at sea for a long time, manatees were reminiscent of mermaids—the mythical half-fish, half-woman creatures of the ocean. Subsisting on water plants and plants that grow at the water's edge, a manatee takes in up to 1 pound ( kilogram) of food for every 10 pounds (5 kilograms) it weighs.

Reaching up to 13 feet (4 meters) long and weighing as many as 1, pounds ( kilograms), West Indian manatees look more like small cars than people. The West India manatee is most closely related to the West African manatee which, in turn, is a kissing cousin to the Amazonian manatee (Trichechus inunguis), the only Sirenian that is totally restricted to a freshwater habitat.

Save the west indian manatee
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