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The only concern of the ordinary official is to learn to understand it, to act as interpreter of it to ordinary people, and to be careful not to let his own style of writing be tainted by it Plain English writing style is now a legal duty for companies registering securities under the Securities Act ofdue to rules the Securities and Exchange Commission SEC adopted in They have helped many government departments and other official organisations with their documents, reports and publications.

The Paperwork Reduction Act was introduced in[13] and in President Carter issued executive orders intended to make government regulations "cost-effective and easy-to-understand by those who were required to comply with them. Why use plain language?

They believe that everyone should have access to clear and concise information. The Universal Design guidelines published by the National Standards Authority of Ireland includes plain English guidelines for energy suppliers. We highly recommend others to use Plain Language Commission.

It found that verbosity can lead to misunderstandings that could cost lives.

Plain English

Martin and Ruth are ably assisted by several tried and trusted freelances. We work for all kinds of organizations — government departments, financial services companies, registered social landlords, regulators, ombudsmen, local authorities, pension schemes, hospital trusts, utilities, telecom companies and international law firms.

It is prudently left to a specialised legal branch of the Service.

Plain language is now required by many leading organizations and industries, by several regulators and even by some laws. Plain language improves efficiency and saves money because more people will read and act upon the documents you send them. Our expert team members Our small team of published authors and editors are highly experienced in the writing-skills field.

All our forms, letters, leaflets and guides for Durham Key Options are sent for Clear English Standard approval, and communications have always been speedy and concise.

Plain-English editing and writing-skills training:

High-quality writing-skills courses for your staff. The end product is always fantastic and represents good value for money. Gowers argued that legal English was a special case, saying that legal drafting: Plain Language Commission made the process painless, with good communication throughout, and gave us an extremely fast turnaround at every stage.

Rapid, affordable editing of your documents and website, even if you choose not to use the Clear English Standard.

The nature of the work can be very specific and may need multiple correspondence but the utmost patience is always shown by Martin and his team. Accreditation of your external documents with the Clear English Standard.

Two years later Sir Ernest Gowersa distinguished civil servant, was asked by HM Treasury to provide a guide to officials on avoiding pompous and over-elaborate writing.

They like what we offer — a business-class service delivered by published authors and editors at a reasonable cost.Most forward-looking senior managers always write in plain English.

And finally, it is not as easy as we would like to think. Sadly, thanks to the bureaucrats of public service industries, local councils, banks, building societies, insurance companies and government departments, we have learnt to accept an official style of writing that is.

The Plain Language Action and Information Network (PLAIN) is a community of federal employees dedicated to the idea that citizens deserve clear communications from government. We believe that using plain language saves federal agencies time and money and provides better service.

Plain English at a Glance is a concise discussion that will give you essential skills for creating a visually inviting, logically organized, and easily understandable document.

Mary Dash, Chief of the Congressional Correspondence and Quality Review Branch of the Internal Revenue Service. and letters to legal documents − can be written in plain English without being thanks to the bureaucrats of public service industries, local councils, banks, building societies, insurance companies and government departments, we have learnt writing by mixing short sentences (like the last one) with longer ones (like this one).

Plain English service provided by the National Adult Literacy Agency: Simply Put - Plain English Training Tips for Writing in Plain English Plain English is a style of writing that enables the reader to understand the message the first time they read it.

For Plain English editing services and writing skills courses, contact our office in the UK on +44 (0)

Plain english writing service
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