Pepsis entry into india a lesson in globalization case study

Critically comment on the allegations that Pepsi deliberately did not adhere to most of its commitments. What it was interested was in surpassing the governmental barriers and entering the Indian market. Indians are encouraged to consume national products.

The color code still exists today though the emblem has evolved many times. Second is they did not opt for a green fields bottling plant. Instead of learning from a blunder in one country, it was repeated in another, causing further harm to its brand image.

This is what is happening in this case. This could create more problems for them. They did not return to the Indian market for another 15 years. In the international arena, Pepsi has been able to create a niche through its vigorous advertisement and event sponsorship.

This was caused by a wrong fax being sent and the wrong number being announced on TV.

Case study : Pepsi’s entry into India –A lesson in globalization

Pepsi and the Cola Wars The cola wars began somewhere in the mid s. This gave Pepsi a lead in the market, though short lived. How can Pepsi and Coke confront the issues of water use in the manufacture of their products?

Pepsi’s Entry into India – A Lesson in Globalization Essay

But he too could not revive the business. It is true that the quest of Indian people for healthier drinks posed a great obstacle for both the Cola companies.

The main players in the war were Pepsi and Coca Cola.

Pepsi's Entry into India: A Lesson in Globalization

The main point was neither company had a cost advantage. This campaign was aimed at proving Pepsi as a better tasting drink than its rival Coke and involved blind tasting of the two products to choose the better one.

They could have handled this by investment in Cricket which is a game that is loved by tens of millions of Indian.

Case Study: PepsiCo’s International Marketing Strategy

India is a conservative society with a growing middle class Fernandes, Yes, the company took undue advantage of the liberalization of the Indian economy by breaking its commitments. Though there were initial difficulties, getting into Russia was a major breakthrough which the company exploited.

They also seem to be taking advantage of the Soccer-Fever in India. But the rivalry reached its zenith in the s and s. This comparative ad was effective and brought Pepsi back into the spot light. The two companies had been in rivalry ever since Pepsi came out with its first cola.

This campaign was quite a breakthrough and really made an impact. Pepsi also exploited famous movies of the time like Star Wars to improve their brand image and create interest among the people. Instead of using the Super Bowl to further give lime light to the Refresh campaign, it completely missed the opportunity paving way for others to make use of the spot.

The brand and its products are highly popular in these areas. How did the company react to the changes in the business environment after the liberalization of the Indian economy in the early s?

This turned out to be an erroneous move and Coke again started to gain market share. Both of the companies are using the electronic media advertisement very effectively keeping in view the social norms of India.Case Analysis on Pepsi's Entry to India Pepsi's Entry into India: A Lesson in Globalization SUMMARY: The case discusses the strategies adopted by the soft drinks and snack foods major PepsiCo to enter India in the late s.

Yet Coke re-entry into India was a great threat to the company. Coke signing on youth icon and Indian star Hrithik Roshan to do their campaign was an even bigger threat. However, Pepsi reverted to the old ploy of showing down the competition.

Pepsi's Entry into India: A Lesson in Globalization "Convincing India that it needs Western junk has not been easy."J - A New Internationalist Magazine article, commenting on Pepsi's struggle to enter India, in Angust Pepsi’s Entry into India – A Lesson in Globalization, p 1.

What different types of strategies can you identify in the case? Pepsi Co. gained entrance to India through a clever marketing strategy, they first learned from the mistakes of their fiercest competition Coca Cola Co. and their initial venture; they tailored their proposal to suit the cultural.

Pepsi Strategy to India Essay. Entry into India: A Lesson in Globalization Case summary: The case discusses the major strategies adopted by Pepsi Co (Soft drinks & snack food major) to enter the Indian market in the late s. Apr 25,  · Reasons for Pepsi’s globalization Saturation of markets in USA Emerging economies opening up India’s vast population was an attractive proposition Arch rival Coca-Cola was also globalizing Various methods for companies to enter a foreign market Joint venture - The cooperation of two or more individuals or.

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Pepsis entry into india a lesson in globalization case study
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