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The observations I made are limited to the time I spent at Starbucks at only one of its locations, which was only for two hours on a single day. Coffee shops have evolved from a mere stand that sells coffee and a sandwich to an establishment that sells coffee, a variety of pastries and furniture for comfort while taking the time to sip a glass of coffee.

From my spot, I was able to make many observations, from the Observation essay about a coffee shop people ordered to whether people were sitting alone or with friends, known as qualitative research.

Some chairs have been placed outside as well to accommodate those who enjoy fresh air. All tables at this branch seats three to four people, save for two corner couch areas that can seat as much as six.

People would laugh in soft tones. Most of them look like students with their heavy school bags on their back or folders in the hand. I chose Starbucks on South University as the place to conduct my observations, as it is one of the more popular coffeeshops on campus, and has recently been remodeled so there are lot more places to sit and study.

When observing people inside the coffee shop as a group, it is apparent that everybody reacts in strong patterns although slightly in different means. Customers go to their spots according to their needs such as a man with a laptop would go to a table nearby an outlet a customer who wishes to read a book would sit by the fireplace that did not have tables or, a student would go to an area with a spacious table to put his books and notebooks on.

It serves as a venue for studying, for interaction and for peace and quiet for most people. Similarly, a coffee shop provides shelter, comfort and sustenance as well. In order to analyze this, I created a customer journey diagram logically.

While, some took the coffee first, then grabbed a lid to cover the coffee cup. Two main reasons caused the group to arrive at this topic: Moreover, people who are in meetings do not appear to be uncomfortable in providing their insights nor hiding their expressions.

Or maybe, they were accustomed to spending their waiting time on their phone under most circumstances. One side of the wall has a glass top, and the lower part of the wall, made of wood, is painted bright red.

There were a number of adults, not just students, and most of them were sitting and working by themselves. It was easy to blend because it seemed like the researcher was only studying while taking down notes of her observation.

The room is air-conditioned well. Similarly, in a macroscopic view, society is structured into a working unity with parts working with other parts to maintain a whole Broce, The home is the most common known shelter but nowadays, any place with a roof and walls can be considered as one.

Therefore, I decided to count the number of boys versus girls that came through the door. It is a two-floor store right beside Kenny Rogers and is highly accessible to students and employees at the area.

More often than not, its temperature is set too low that it makes one feel like it is winter. Six bamboo baskets and a shelffilled with coffee-related goods, stand quietly next to this area.

Observation Report: Coffee Shops in the Philippines

Chairs are also arranged around the fireplace to accommodate those who have come in to just read and do not have a lot of books or notebooks to write on.

I noticed that there are certain kinds of customer behavior patterns: Each area provides for a specific purpose. While some studied, the others would work. Only one person brought her own coffee mug.

However, I was surprised to find that more guys came to Starbucks than girls, because I always thought that Starbucks markets more to women than men.

It has a seating capacity of about These information were then thoroughly analyzed to arrive at the conclusions. Most of the adults seemed to be sitting together, even they did not know each other, while the students tended to cluster around each other as well.

Sometimes, they talked to each other but never really slowed down their pace. His reply was simple, it was because it is where the coffee is at. Anthropology, one of the most popularly known social sciences, studies how man and its society interact with its environment Harris, Our observations also focused on the largest coffee chains in the country, all of which are high-end stores.

Common to the Starbucks stores are the warm lighting, the jazz or chill out music, the ochre tables and big couches, and the familiar baristas in green aprons.Check Out Our Coffee House Ethnography Essay.

To start with, in my study, I first engaged myself in the coffee shop practice. I would take with me a reading material into the ventures during differing periods of the day and sit at a strategic position at the balcony.

To maximize my observation during the study, I had divided the study. Coffee Shop Observations. Observations from my local Starbucks coffee shop This is the first two paragraphs I wrote for my field observation report in.

Stalking at Starbucks This is known as quantitative research, because it is assigning a number to an observation, and can be used in statistical analysis. The two hours I was there I counted about 89 boys walking in, and approximately 75 girls.

I did a whole project with naturalistic and participant observations involving coffee shop. Iā€™m sitting in Caribou Coffee on Haggerty Road drinking hot chocolate while working on my French homework, but between the conjugation of my imperfe Observations from a Coffee Shop | Teen Ink Login.


Coffee Shop Observation

Another observation that was interesting is how everything can be interconnected with another. When observing people inside the coffee shop as a group, it is apparent that everybody reacts in strong patterns although slightly in different means.

This a vivid comparative essay giving an overview. Free Essay: Shawna Schmidt Professor Gordon English 3 February Caffeine Community As we go about our busy lives, going here, there and everywhere.

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Observation essay about a coffee shop
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