Louis 2nd crusade

German departure Edit The German crusaders, consisting of FranconiansBavariansand Swabiansleft by land, also in Mayaccompanied by the papal legate and cardinal Theodwin.

However, many nobles who joined Louis on the expedition had to borrow money from the royal treasury, and the crusade turned out to be very expensive. He granted Alfonso VII of Castile the same indulgence he had given to the French crusaders, and like Pope Urban II had done inurged the Louis 2nd crusade to fight on their own territory rather than joining the crusade to the east.

The people of Al-Andalus give me money and gifts while we drive them like cattle. Afonso Henriques by Joaquim Rodrigues Braga In the spring ofthe Pope authorized the expansion of the crusade into the Iberian peninsulain the context of the Reconquista.

Upon reaching Anatolia, both kings were soundly defeated separately giving the Turks a victory they badly needed. The army was almost entirely destroyed, either by the Turks or by sickness.

Nur al-Din continued to increase his Louis 2nd crusade byhe had united Muslim Syria. Conrad, Louis, and Baldwin insisted, however, and in July an army assembled at Tiberias. Manuel made a truce with the sultan in to make certain that the Crusade would not cause the sultan to attack Byzantine lands in Asia.

The bull was reissued on 1 Marchand Eugene authorized Bernard to preach the news throughout France.

Second Crusade

They arrived on July 23with the army of Jerusalem in the vanguard, followed by Louis and then Conrad in the rearguard. Only through the purification and prayers of Christian men and women would God relent and bestow victory on his knights once more.

We take the boys and the girls as prisoners and we make houses empty. The Second Crusade wreaked havoc with his foreign policywhich included an alliance with Germany, Venice, and the pope against the Normans. As in the First Crusade, the preaching inadvertently led to attacks on Jews ; a fanatical French monk Louis 2nd crusade Rudolf was apparently inspiring massacres of Jews in the RhinelandCologneMainzWorms and Speyerwith Rudolf claiming Jews were not contributing financially to the rescue of the Holy Land.

Baldwin and Joscelin were both captured a second time inand although Edessa recovered somewhat after the Battle of Azaz inJoscelin was killed in battle in The Muslims were prepared for the attack and constantly attacked the army advancing through the orchards.

The Siege of Lisbon lasted from 1 July to 25 October when, after four months, the Moorish rulers agreed to surrender, primarily due to hunger within the city.

It seems that God wishes to support the Turks to our loss The Germans had already decided to travel overland through Hungary; they regarded the sea route as politically impractical because Roger II of Sicily was an enemy of Conrad.

The north German Saxons were reluctant. Back in Europe, Bernard of Clairvaux was also humiliated, and when his attempt to call a new crusade failed, he tried to disassociate himself from the fiasco of the Second Crusade altogether.

The core of the professional troops were the ghulam or mamlukwho were trained for war since childhood. As you know that I am the ruler of the Christian nation I do know you are the ruler of the Muhammadan nation.

Louis preferred the opinion of his less-volatile advisers and agreed to restore any imperial possessions he might capture. After being delayed for a month by storms, most of the promised ships did not arrive at all.

Baldwin V of Jerusalem died in Augustand his mother and aunt fought for control of Jerusalem, leaving the Christians with a crisis of leadership. Despite the absence of the northern princes and the losses already suffered by the Crusaders, it was possible to field an army of nearly 50, men, the largest Crusade army so far assembled.

Louis himself, according to Odo of Deuilclimbed a rock and was ignored by the Turks, who did not recognize him. After expelling the Obodrites from Christian territory, the crusaders targeted the Obodrite fort at Dobin and the Liutizian fort at Demmin. Louis no longer wanted to continue by land, and it was decided to gather a fleet at Adalia and to sail for Antioch.

Seventh Crusade

Meanwhile, Conrad fell sick and returned to Constantinople, where Manuel attended to him personally, and Louis, paying no attention to the warnings of a Turkish attack, marched out from Ephesus with the French and German survivors.King Louis VIII of France leads the Second Crusade to the Holy Land but fails to overcome Muslim opposition.

An army led by Louis VII is defeated by the Seljuks as it crosses the Cadmus Mountains during the Second Crusade. 24 Jul CE - 28 Jul CE The unsuccessful siege of Damascus during the Second Crusade. How far was King Louis VII responsible for the failure of the second crusade?

(24 marks) There were many reasons for the failure of the second crusade. The Second Crusade was announced by Pope Eugene III, and was the first of the crusades to be led by European kings, namely Louis VII of France and Conrad III of Germany, who had help from a number of other European nobles.

The Second Crusade was launched in response to the capture of the first of the crusader states, Edessa by Muslims inand lasted until Second Crusade Chronology - Christianity vs. Islam Share Flipboard Email Louis VII, and although he had been contemplating a Crusade on his own, he chose to ignore the pope's call.

Free Essay: How far was King Louis VII responsible for the failure of the second crusade? (24 marks) There were many reasons for the failure of the second.

Louis 2nd crusade
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