Introduction of tourism industry in mauritius

Due to the difficulties in obtaining accurate data on how much money is spent by tourists and the numerous small and informal businesses in the industry, multiplier ratios can only be approximations.

For the tourist the product is the complete experience resulting from the package tour or travel facility purchased, from the time they leave home until their return.

Leakages[ edit ] Determining the economic impact of tourism is more complicated than simply calculating tourist expenditure. The average length of stay works out to around 10 nights. The value of tourist expenditure to the host country is reduced by the value of imported goods and services required to satisfy the needs of tourists.

The forecast number of tourist arrival for is 1 million. Rich with lush forest, wild waterfalls, unique wildlife, rocky mountains, white sand beaches and breathtaking crystal clear turquoise lagoons, Mauritius is a dream holiday destination for tourists from all over the world.

Tourism in Mauritius

Departure taxes are now levied by most countries and some including the USA also have an arrival tax. Capital expenditure on developing tourism-related establishments precludes spending scarce resources on other types of development with alternative uses.

Business tourism in Mauritius Independent since and a Republic sinceMauritius is known as a democratic state which keeps the separation of legislative, executive and judicial powers. It also contributes to the uplifting of the destination and provides technical assistance to Rodrigues island.

Tourists visiting Mauritius are primarily European, mainly French and British. Often there is a flow on effect and other industries will be attracted to the area to provide services for both tourists and workers Another consideration in calculating the economic effects of tourism involves the opportunity costs.


The success of the tourism industry relies on the supply of a skilled labour force to serve the needs of the tourists. Many resorts and hotels have been accommodated with the latest technology and services for the indulgence of tourists, with their large variety of services like the sauna, massages, private Jacuzzi, well-designed gardens, providing fairylike atmosphere.

On the eve of independence in the early s, the island set out to diversify its economy by encouraging the establishment of export-oriented companies within its Export Processing Zone EPZ and the development of the tourism industry. In New Zealand, tourism is of prime importance in areas where there is little other industry such as in Wanaka and the Bay of Islands.

The main idea is to develop new markets, which include penetrating to new countries and new client profiles.

The industry has constantly upgraded the quality of accommodation to cater to the demands of the International traveler. Investment and development[ edit ] The level of investment in tourism can determine the success of a region.

Sustainable development means that tourism is designed to fit with the social and natural environment and not cause the destination to become less desirable for visitors and permanent residents.

The investment can be private of public. Interest, rent and profits can generate income from loans to companies building hotels or rental paid to the landowner for a tourism attraction. If the host country has constraints on its ability to supply goods and services to tourists, the grater the number of visitors the more imports will be required and the multiplier ratio will fall.

This is referred to as leakage. Tourism involves a large number of sectors in the economy and tourists spend their money on extremely diverse goods and services. The developed infrastructure, access to cost effective and educated labor, attractive investment incentives and existing linkages with industry representatives in European Union EU and Eastern and Southern Africa put Mauritius in an excellent position to take advantage of growth opportunities.

Over the years visitors to Mauritius has been mostly from European countries, due to the economic downturn in Europe inthe government decided to diversify its market by providing direct flights to Asian and African countries which were experiencing higher growth in terms of their arrival.

During Mauritius has reinforced its place as a leading destination for the French people from France and Reunion with a strong progression. The offshore and Freeport sectors also steadily developed, and new areas of growth emerged such as Business Process Outsourcing BPOsea food processing, duty-free shopping and the Integrated Resorts Scheme which opened the door for foreigners to acquire property in Mauritius.

Tourism industry in Mauritius Mauritius tourism industry has experienced drastic growth in the last decade. If local workers are employed in tourism then other industries such as fruit picking or agriculture may suffer.

Mauritius Tourism

If there is a shortage of skilled labour, workers may be imported from other countries, resulting in further leakages from the economy. The Tourism Authority TA is responsible for licensing, regulating and supervising the activities of tourist enterprises, pleasure crafts, skippers and canvassers.

Much of this economic growth has been the result of the expansion of the luxury tourism sector. The Island offers range of facilities for the business community such as: Following these efforts, the Mauritius Government expects an increase in the number of tourist arrivals to as much as 2 millions tourist per annum by Taxation also contributes to income in the form of G.

Computer reservation systems are replacing manual systems and as a result fewer agents are working in airlines and hotel chains. The amount of resorts and hotels along Mauritius coastline is increasing every year to accommodate the increasing number of tourists visiting the Island.

Growth in the Mauritius Tourism and in Tourist Arrivals Tourist arrivals have been expanding consequently, thus rising from 18, attoin and then toin Money and other resources, committed to tourism could have been used for different purposes, providing alternative benefits for the host community. The island of Mauritius also enjoys political stability; while the President is the Head of State, the Prime Minister has full executive powers and is the Head of Government.

Mauritius was mainly dependent on the sugar and textiles industries, as world sugar prices declined and the production of textiles became economically unfeasible, the government decided to expand the tourist industry.Tourism and Development: The Evidence from Mauritius, South Africa and Zimbabwe By Sheila Page 1 September 2 Table of Contents 1.

Introduction 2. Quantifying tourism The world industry Mauritius, South Africa and Zimbabwe Satellite accounts Capacity Length of stay Sources of visitors The organisation of the tourism industry Size of firms.

Tourism Awareness Air Mauritius and MTPA should organize Tourism Awareness Programmes (TAP) as an ongoing information campaign to create a greater awareness the Mauritian tourism industry in Europe.

The Tourism In Mauritius Tourism Essay This part of the theoretical discussion gives an overview of Mauritius as a tourist destination. A general introduction to the cultural and geographical background with a description of tourism characteristics, attractions, as well as seasonal aspects is presented.

Tourism/Introduction. From Wikiversity. Introduction. The Mauritius Tourism Authority is a parastatal body operating under the aegis of the Ministry of Tourism and External Communications and is governed by the Tourism Authority Act (as subsequently amended).

Tourism in Mauritius is an important component of the Mauritian economy as well as a significant source of its foreign exchange revenues. The tourism industry is also a major economic pillar on the island of Rodrigues, however tourism has not been developed in Agaléga Islands.

Mauritius is mostly appreciated by tourist for its natural beauty.

Introduction of tourism industry in mauritius
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