Google inc in china case analysis

Chinese users found that Google. The system also selectively engages in DNS cache poisoning when particular sites are requested. Good favors with the government vital towards long-term profitability, means any businesses wishing to operate in China must do so with the blessings of the Communist Party, the ruling party known for its pervasive corruption and widespread human rights abuses.

But the ultimate purpose is crystal clear, Government needs a smooth flow within country.

To address its weaknesses, the company must improve its physical presence, such as through promotions and opening of more physical stores.

In order to tap into the large Chinese market, Google was forced to stray from its traditional corporate values. Massive amount of information. In an effort to deliver better service to Chinese customers, Google decided to censor the results.

SWOT analysis of Alphabet (Google) (5 Key Strengths in 2018)

Reference Books Kalathil, Shanthi. However, to continue in this success path, Google must address the threats in its business environment, while exploiting opportunities at the same time.

Excellent acquisition capabilities SinceAlphabet Google until has acquired companies. Google developed a physical operations center in Chinese territory to address the censorship challenges and build a product that can serve Google inc in china case analysis search results.

This SWOT analysis shows that the company needs to continue with its efforts in addressing the threats to its business. Those Gmail accounts belonged to human rights activists that originated in the country.

Dealing with censorship requirements will create additional operating costs when compared to domestic operations. Also the government blocked Google-owned YouTube. We report all non-Google businesses collectively as Other Bets.

Google’s SWOT Analysis & Recommendations

However, the government is also very inviting to foreign businesses that can help increase the prosperity of the growing economy.

This is done through various ways of rules. This information provides Google with a key competitive advantage. Lin, Google Co-founder Sergey Brin and many technology professionals in China believe it was the result of an effort by a Chinese competitor, Baidu.

If Google were to give imperfect facts to the society, in a long run they lose the faith of their stake holders despite of they live in China or not. Vertical search engines and e-commerce websites, such as Amazon and eBay e-commerceKayak travel queriesLinkedIn job queriesand WebMD health queries.

Google can expect better performance upon effectively addressing the strategic factors identified in this SWOT analysis.

Whatever the cause, Google was left offering users in China a slow and less-than-satisfactory version of Google. Dependence on the Internet Minimal physical presence Dependence on the Internet means that Google waits for Internet coverage to improve in developing countries before it could expand most of its operations, such as online advertising, in those countries.

To some extent, Google can use its dominant market share as a source of power over its customers, competitors and suppliers. Our Alphabet structure is about helping each of our businesses prosper through strong leaders and independence. It describes the attack as highly sophisticated and targeted, and Google claimed that no more censor its search results.

The Chinese government had blocked access to the site.

Google In China – Case Study Analysis

The stoppage could also have been due to heightened internet security in anticipation of a November shift in political leadership McLaughlin, Chinese Government takes any action at any cost to prevent those situations. The message does not inform users what specific pages have been censored; it simply lets them know that censorship has occurred.

Using reciprocity appeals to increase acceptance among users of free web services. Google will be required to perform a great deal of research to develop a product that will be welcomed by the Chinese people.

So in order to cope up with this problem in earlyGoogle struck a deal with China government and launched Google.

As from financial point of view, Google saw China as a dynamic and fast growing market despite of increasing competition.Case Studies: Google 1 CASE STUDY: GOOGLE Google is a very successful information technology/web search company with more than 21, employees working in 77 offices located in 43 countries.

It was founded in by Larry Page and Sergey Brin. According to. Case Study Analysis Anh Nguyen Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising.

If you continue browsing the. Looking for the best Alphabet (Google) Inc. SWOT analysis in ? Click here to find out Alphabet’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.

Oct 06,  · The analysis of Google in China have shown how inter personal relationships in businesses, especially in terms of China, affects the company’s profit, image and success.

Understanding each country’s culture is a must and it immensely helps to provide a sound service towards its customers. Google’s SWOT analysis indicates that the company has adequate strengths to overcome its weaknesses. However, this SWOT analysis also shows that the company must perform better in protecting itself from threats, such as competition and imitation.

Tags: Case Study & Case Analysis, Google, Strategy, SWOT Analysis. COPYRIGHT NOTICE: This. [Google, Inc., faced a choice to] compromise our mission by failing to serve our users in China or compromise our mission by entering China and complying with Chinese laws that require us .

Google inc in china case analysis
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