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Progress in technology and expansion in education also favourably affect the rate of economic growth and cause the production possibility curve to shift outward.

Payments in this type of trade are made in the currency of the country. In other words, we give up some units of wheat in order to have some more units of cloth. This indicates that the distribution of income and output in the society in this case will be relatively more equal.

Every country can obtain the articles which it cannot profitably produce at home. Traders serve as the link between producers and consumers. This means that the rate of economic growth will now be Essay explaining the quantities of goods greater than in Figure 1.

The provided line graph reveals information about the figures of commodities transported in the UK from until by using four kinds of transportation. If the society wants to obtain a higher rate of economic growth, it will have to raise its rate of capital formation.

This similar increasing trend can be seen on goods transported by water and pipeline, they started just below 40 and about 5 million tonnes respectively and rose to just above 60 and above 20 million tonnes in the last year.

But the economy will operate at a point on the production possibility curve if the aggregate demand is large enough to buy the total output produced by the full employment of resources.

The Problem of Unemployment and Under-utilisation of Resources: Now, if the productive resources increase, the production possibility curve will shift outward and to the right showing that more of both goods can be produced than before. Nonetheless, much of the impact will depend very much on the price elasticity of demand of the good itself.

He serves as a connecting link between the producers and the retailer. This is known as specificity of resources: It is clear from Figure 1.

It may be noted that when there is a change in these non-price factors, the whole curve shifts rightward or leftward as the case may be. A wholesaler buys goods in large quantities directly from the producers and sells them to other dealers.

Also goods transported by pipeline had increased by four time. A factor would be used for the production of a product for which it is more efficient. Incomes rose by approximately 4. As we move from possibility A towards F, we draw away some resources from the production of wheat and devote them to the production of cloth.

As has been brought out above, when we increase the production of one commodity by moving along the production possibility curve, we have to reduce the production of some other commodity.

Pipeline showed the same trend despite the figure of goods carried was roughly slower than water transport, pipeline media only moved about 2 million tons in and about 21 million tons in In summary, road transportation and water transportation carried more quantity of goods in the UK than the quantity carried by pipelines and rails.

The graph below shows the quantities of goods transported in the UK between and by four different modes of transport. If the consumers substitute one good for another, then the number of consumers for the good which has been substituted by the other will decline and for the good which has been used in place of the others, the number of consumers will increase.

The use of rail transportation system for carrying goods to the UK got reduced as less quantity of goods were transported in rails later years but finally, the quantity reached to 40 million tons in This will mean full utilisation of available labour and capital resources and, as a result, the levels of national income, output and employment will rise and the existing unemployment and under- utilisation of productive capacity will be removed.

Keynes, who attributed unemployment and under-employment to the lack of aggregate demand recommended construction of public works on a large scale by the government, financed by deficit financing, so as to raise the aggregate demand which will help in utilising resources fully and therefore in solving the problem of unemployment and under-employment.

As a result, it can be stated as a huge improvement among other mentioned transportation. In the modern economic theory, gains from international trade have also been explained with the aid of production possibility curve.

6 Important Factors That Influence the Demand of Goods

In deciding what amounts of different goods are to be produced, the society would in fact be deciding about the allocation of resources among different possible goods.

We shall explain below in detail how these other factors determine market demand for a commodity. Over the year the quantity transported via road increased with some fluctuations and reached to about million tons in Both the buyer and seller belong to the same country.

As we have studied above, the problem of unemployment and under-employment of resources can be illustrated and understood with the aid of the production possibility curve. He usually sells goods on credit. As shown by arrows in Fig. The pipeline had a different statistics which increased slowly but most still levelled out at null to twenty million tonnes than others fluctuated from until This illustrates the basic economic problem.

Foreign trade is of the following types:Shipping Hazmat Limited Quantities by Ground, Air, and Vessel Posted on September 15, by Ross Kellogg When shipped by ground, air, or vessel, small quantities of hazardous materials (or dangerous goods)—referred to as "limited quantities"—are granted relief from certain hazmat shipping requirements.

Essay explaining the quantities of goods and services that we can produce with limited available resources The fundamental problem of economics is scarcity meaning economic resources are insufficient to meet the daily needs and wants of the individuals. The graph shows the quantities of goods transported in the UK between and by four modes of transportation - road, water, rail and pipeline.

Overall, roads had always been the most preferred mode of transportation. Essay question: Explain the laws of supply and demand in your own words. Answers should include the following concepts in your own words Law of Demand ("Other things remaining equal, the higher the price of a good rises, the smaller is the quantity demanded and vice versa in a free market economy.").

Essay Explaining the Quantities of Goods and Services That We Can Produce with Limited Available Resources Cost and Flow Controllers psy Article: Obey at Any Cost? Oct 05,  · (a) explain the likely effect of this change in GST on expenditure by consumers on different types of goods.

[10] (b) discuss whether the combined effect of the rise in incomes and the rise in GST is likely to cause the quantities of different types of goods sold to rise or fall.

Essay explaining the quantities of goods
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