Comparison of eastern and western architecture

Elsewhere, there is a spectacular church design with five towers at Tournai c. The pattern of columns and arches used to support and frame these different elevations contributed to the geometry and harmony of the interior.

Architectural Priorities of Ancient Rome Roman architecture served the needs of the Roman state, which was keen to impress, entertain and cater for a growing population in relatively confined urban areas.

Corinth, Sparta, the islands, the cities of eastern Greece, and Crete came to the fore with their diverse artistic interests and means of expression.

Notable Islamic architectural types include the early Abbasid buildings, T-type mosques, and the central-dome mosques of Anatolia. The stage buildings of theatres began to receive monumental treatment as well, although the action still took place on the flat circular orchestra and the seats were for the most part still wooden or were missing—the audience sitting upon the bare hillside that was usually chosen for theatre sites rather than stone.

By the 13th and 14th centuries in France, walled cities such as Carcassonne and Aigues-Mortes were developed. The more elaborate churches had wonderfully energetic carvings, in particular the panels of interlaced lacertine, or lizardlike, creatures as at Urnes in Norway, c. For more information, see: There is only a rather depressed tribune gallery, and the building retains a passage at clerestory level—an Anglo-Norman feature that remained standard in English architecture well into the 13th century.

Laid out in a grid plan, Aigues-Mortes is one of the largest surviving fortified towns of the Middle Ages.

Comparison of Buddhism and Christianity

Similarly, the town of Priene in Ioniaalthough built on a new foundation after the mid-4th century, was laid out as a grid of streets on a principle developed by the 5th-century architect Hippodamuswho had applied the same scheme to his home city, Miletus, and to the port of Athens, Piraeus.

During the Early Gothic, statues and reliefs were little changed from Romanesque sculpture in their stiff, hieratic forms - witness the figures on the Royal Portal of Chartres Cathedral About bc, at Smyrna, the first intimation of the style appeared in stone columns with capitals elaborately carved in floral hoops—a pattern derived from Asian examples and used mainly on smaller objects and furniture but also enlarged for architecture.

Design was enhanced through architectural developments in the construction of arches and roof domes. In the precision and finish of their execution, which complements the brilliant innovation of their design, these three buildings had no rival in the Greek world.

Sophisticated but unsatisfactory attempts to vault the great basilican naves safely, with elements of Roman, Byzantine, or Eastern origin, impelled progressive Romanesque engineers, from about onward, to invent a new type of ribbed groin-vaulted unit bay, using pointed arches to distribute thrust and improve the shape of the geometric surfaces.

The exterior came to be embellished by a peristylean outer colonnade of posts supporting extended eaves. The Gothic Cathedral - A Mini-Universe In keeping with the new and more confident philosophy of the age, the Gothic cathedral was seen by architects and churchmen as representing the universe in miniature.

Its exterior was more complex than before, with lines of vertical piers connected to the upper walls by flying buttresses, and large rose windows. Pasargadae along with Susa and Persepolis expressed the authority of The King of Kings, the staircases of the latter recording in relief sculpture the vast extent of the imperial frontier.Interior of Leon Cathedral Spain.

A treasure trove of medieval art of the late 13th century.

History of architecture

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The 20th edition of Sir Banister Fletcher's A History of Architecture is the first major work of history to include an overview of the architectural achievements of the 20th Century.

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Comparison of eastern and western architecture
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