Chinese comparative early essay greek in rational thinking

True, neither the Mohists nor anyone else in China developed formal logic.

Let us suppose that you and I argue. In Greek it ends in —ein, the infinitive marker of many action verbs. Now to write the essay Reding also notes in this article that in both ancient China and Greece, we see the metaphors of knowledge-is-seeing and knowing-is-mirroring.

It is tempting to identify this as a categorical difference between Western and Chinese philosophy especially if one is only familiar with Confucianism and Taoism.

In contrast, those who compare Western and Chinese philosophy are generally struck by the differences: Write research paper poverty. Verfassungsbeschwerde schutzbereich beispiel essay t is so much joy poem analysis essay? But whether one agrees with all the details or not, this article is a thought-provoking discussion of comparative paradox-ology.

Comparative Essays in Early Greek and Chinese Rational Thinking

The Mohists also show an interest in geometry and seem to give a quasi-geometrical presentation of their ideas see Graham, Disputers of the Tao [Chicago: In addition, Reding calls for a re-evaluation of the Sapir-Worf hypothesis.

However, he argues that we see by comparing Chinese and Greek thinkers that philosophers often reach very similar insights despite using very different languages. This helped, I think, to keep alive the belief that subtle argumentation was more than just eristic sophistry.

So they would be right to call coming into being composition and perishing dissolution" KRS, cited on p. But it actually belongs in the category of states. Open Court Press, ], pp. They conclude, "In disputation, the one calls it as it is, the other one, not.

Thus, a metamorphosis occurs when "the distinguishing marks of one thing [are] exchanged for the distinguishing marks of another" p. If I beat you and not you me, am I then in the end right and you wrong? Reding continues his discussion of metaphors in "The Origin of Logic in China," where he suggests that metaphors can be a way of highlighting the logical structure of an argument without explicitly stating an abstract, deductively valid schema.

First, there "is a formal resemblance between the Greek and the Chinese approaches to the notion of being, in the sense that both cultures had hit upon the same paradoxes" p. Western metaphors typically draw a correspondence between two ontologically distinct domains.

The Indo-European languages of Western and Indian philosophy make heavy use of the verb to be, while the Sino-Tibetan language family to which Chinese belongs has no such verb.

Charles Kahn has done some justly famous work in which he argues that the pre-philosophical Greek language had a salubrious influence on the development of Greek philosophy by linking existence, truth and predication via the verb einai see Kahn, The Verb Be in Ancient Greek [Dordrecht: The sentence "Or are we both right or both wrong?

Paragon Book Reprint Corp. He also argues that many of the differences in emphasis we see between Chinese and Western philosophy are due to the fact that Greek philosophers are—very self-consciously—attempting to overcome the conceptual structure of their own language, which they see as an impediment to clear philosophical thinking.

Thus Aristotle is forced to identify misleading uses of the verb in order to combat certain sophistries: The one who fits the fact wins the debate" cited on p.

The answer lies in a fundamental difference between Chinese and Western metaphors. It is not possible to regard what does exist as what does not exist. Oxford University Press, Oxford University Press, ]. Issues about personal identity, metaphysics, etc.

We see a very similar concern in many Chinese texts. However, Chinese thinkers often assume what has been called a "correlative cosmology," according to which superficially diverse phenomena manifest the same qualitative patterns.

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But it was the particular genius of Parmenides that, for good or ill, made those questions the center of philosophical discussion.

That which cannot be called a referent is not a referent.chinese comparative early essay greek in rational thinking.

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Chinese comparative early essay greek in rational thinking
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