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The Allied victory in the war further stimulated Asian expectations for independence and modernization. Other ideological conflicts were fought in Korea, Indochina, and Afghanistan. Hinduism is predominant in India. In Japan western trade stopped, with few exceptions, until an American mission secured a treaty opening relations.

In the east, Chinese influence spread until, in the early centuries AD, waves of Turkic, Mongol, and Hunnish invaders set off tribal movements that pushed through Central Asia.

We need to promote more Asian Americans to the heads of companies and elect more Asian Americans to public office, even to the level Asian contributions essay the president of the United States.

By the British controlled the entire Indian subcontinent, while Russia reached the Pacific inoccupied Turkistan inand secured claims to the Caucasus in We cannot continue to believe that racism does not exist except when someone makes a racist remark.

In general, urban centers and their industries are not well integrated economically with the rural sector, and transportation systems, both within countries and between them, are poorly developed.

This allows them to develop the most potent form of "seeing"; that is, a "simultaneous seeing" in which an individual is simultaneously able to see their tradition from both within the tradition and from outside it. Many women were used for harsh labor to feed, wash and clean for the men. Groff called "pioneering", as well as subsequent scholarship on the relationship between the thought of Nietzsche and Asian philosophy.

Many migrated to the United States and Canada where Asians provided cheap labor. They are now known as "Internment Camps" but whatever they are called,Japanese Americans were given 2 weeks in the spring of to leave the states of California, Oregon, and Washington.

Marine fisheries are extremely important throughout coastal Asia. I wish someone would re-write those textbooks and tell the truth. They became known as the most decorated unit in US military history for their size a regiment and length of service World War II. In the south, southeast, and east, rivers such as the Ganges, Mekong, and Huang He Yellow River flow through vast lowlands.

There was also a member of the crew of the Challenger space shuttle who was Asian American, Ellison Onizuka. Amadae, though acknowledging that Nietzsche and Asian Thought features "state of the art" scholarship reaching conclusions typical of work in the area, feels that the work shows that "the extent to which [Nietzsche] developed his thought in dialogue with the East is almost wholly unacknowledged.

As we embrace the joy and accomplishments, we also need to remember the suffering and pain that so many Asian Americans endured to come to where we are today. Requests for trade were followed by demands for forts and land. Others who worked in the fields for wages spent a full day under the sun, perhaps with babies strapped to their backs, before returning home to fix dinner for their husbands or other male worker.

Silence on the sidelines is not an option in this matter. No Asian country was untouched by the confrontation between Communist and non-Communist ideologies.

World War II catapulted Asia into world prominence.The Asian Region's Contribution in ; The Asian Region's Contribution in Words Feb 21st, 3 Pages. Essay Asian Carp: Destroying the Great Lakes Words | 5 Pages.

Asian Carp should be prevented from entering the Great Lakes because they are destroying the ecosystem in that area. They are a negative contribution.

Nietzsche and Asian Thought was "intended as an initial contribution towards redressing [the] imbalance", and all but two of the essays in the anthology were written specifically for it.

[ citation needed ]. A very high proportion of Asia’s world trade is with countries on other continents, rather than between Asian countries. The important exceptions are the flow of oil and raw materials from other Asian nations to Japan, and the export of Japanese manufactured goods to Southeast Asia.

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Free Essay: The Asian Indians Immigration to America and Their Major Contributions to Society Asian Indians come from an area with the second largest. Ancient Chinese Contributions Essay Ancient Chinese Contributions Rich Laird Strayer University Humanities: Culture, Continuity and Change Dr.

Ronald Gavin May 28, Ancient Chinese Contributions The world owes a lot to the Chinese for all the major contributions and innovations they introduced.

For example, during the Era of. Free Asian American papers, essays, and research papers.

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