A review of sick around the world a film by t r reid and jon palfreman

‘Sick Around America’ disappoints

What Living in the East Teaches Us About Living in the West, which argued that Confucian values of family devotion, educationand long-term relations, which still permeate East Asian societies, contributed to their social stability.

A key difference between the U. The Japanese are healthier than us. One by one, other provinces demanded the same. But the opposite is true too. Frontline publishes a blog of viewer comments on its documentaries, and a number of PNHP members and other single-payer supporters were quick to express their disappointment.

But he offers little in the way of what to do about it. Below is a small sampling of their comments. The ability to access health care would alleviate a huge burden for those reeling under the weight of home foreclosures and job losses.

The lament of "free-market" conservatives like Morton Kondracke is the feared "disappearance of private health insurance. The film draws a sharp contrast between five other capitalist countries where everyone receives needed health care without risking bankruptcy and the fragmented non-system of U.

Reich, and Frederick W. To the extent that any reform proposal is cited as a possible pathway for change, it is the flawed, mandates-based Massachusetts model.

Insurance for needed health care is not-for-profit. Alas, that was not to be the case. You can join the discussion at http: United States of Europe: The Healing of America: A Business Philosophy for the 21st Century. In Great Britain, he relates that his family received very good care from a doctor who lived on the block and made house calls.

Among other things, Taiwan is among the world leaders in establishing electronic medical records — an innovation that should significantly improve care by keeping doctors and nurses better informed about patient histories and, no less important, avoiding potentially dangerous drug interactions.

Many reform advocates hoped this new documentary would discuss single payer as an option for the United States, too, particularly given its popularity among the U. In the first film, Reid gave an accurate portrayal of several single-payer health systems overseas. Tomu no Me Tomu no Mimi: Career[ edit ] Reid, a Classics major at Princeton Universityserved as a naval officertaught, and held various positions before working for The Washington Post.

Bilingual Books 8 in Japanese and English. Sweden is more homogeneous than us.“Sick Around America,” a Frontline documentary about the dysfunctional U.S. health care system, aired March 31 on PBS.

Billed as a sequel to the widely hailed “Sick Around the World,” a Frontline production featuring veteran Washington Post correspondent T.R.

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Reid, the new documentary. SICK AROUND THE WORLD Airdate: April 15, PRODUCED AND DIRECTED BY Jon Palfreman. WRITTEN BY Jon Palfreman and T.R. Reid. CORRESPONDENT T.R. Reid.

Sick around the world

EDITOR Jon Neuburger. CO-PRODUCER Kate. 'Sick Around the World': Contrasting U.S. Health Care with 5 Other Capitalist Countries Pascal Couchepin tells journalist T.R.

Reid in his documentary Sick Around the World. Couchepin echoes. But in this new PBS film, T. R. Reid does find high-quality care at reasonable cost in communities across the USA.

Drawing from The Dartmouth Atlas, the definitive study of variation in American health care, Reid finds that doctors and hospitals around the country are working hard to control costs while improving medical outcomes. Apr 15,  · Directed by Jon Palfreman.

With Ahmed Badat, Tony Blair, Jeremy Cadle, Hongjen Chang. Given the problems facing the U.S. health care system, Frontline looks at other leading capitalist democracies to see how their health care systems operate and whether those systems could be adapted for reform in the United States/10(53).

Apr 15,  · One area “Sick Around the World” doesn’t explore is the one that probably makes many Americans — those well above the poverty line, anyway — most nervous about the idea of medical.

A review of sick around the world a film by t r reid and jon palfreman
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