A research on gangs and violence in america

Gangs are attractive to many in Hispanic immigrant communities because they provide support and protection.

The gangs are found in schools and the military and in territories as small as shopping malls. Hence, the name "Latin Kings and Queens", which as it denotes, is a reference to members of all Latino heritages.

However, the new hybrid gang can have members from both genders and from different racial groups as well as members having radically opposing viewpoints. Rafferty and Raimondi point out that a high number of runaway youths become members of street gangs. Even though this is a good way for gang members to recognize other members or affiliates, it can be used against them as well.

There has also been a significant increase in the female violent crime rate in the United States. For this reason, more and more youth who earlier may have not condoned gang behavior are more willing, even challenged to experiment with gang-like activity [25] Youth gangs may be an ever-present feature of urban culture that change over time in its form, social meaning and antisocial behavior.

On July 28,after a six-year federal investigation, four leaders of the gang were convicted of racketeeringmurderand conspiracy charges. Seals also points to another important study that concludes the fundamental cause of urban poverty in the U. The FBI report also states that though female membership in male gangs continues to increase, the number of all female gangs remains low.

Young people can be attracted to joining a youth gang for a number of reasons. Law enforcement officials have been able to crack down on gang-related criminal activities by rounding up juveniles and youths wearing gang colors. They may be seeking protection from rival gangs or violent crime in general, especially when the police are distrusted or ineffective.

After that time, however, gangs spread to smaller areas. Even though some terms are used in gangs throughout the country, others are only used regionally and within certain gangs. The goal is to learn more about how gangs communicate and interact, both internally and externally, as well as test themselves and each other.

Gang Involvement Research Paper Starter

Even though violent crime is on the increase, most gang activity on reservations is associated with graffiti, vandalism, and drug sales. Taggers feel a sense of power and fame as more and more surfaces contain their tags. Various educators and students—urban, suburban, and rural—acknowledge the presence of gangs in their schools.

Individual " cliques " of gangs, defined by streets, parts of streets, apartment complexes, or parts of apartment complexes, act as individual groups. This may include stealing or damaging property, assaulting someone, or carrying and selling drugs. Many are attracted to a sense of family, identityor belonging.

Victims of violent crime as well as their friends and family and members of socially marginalized groups e. In addition, California-style gangs have been found throughout the United States. Academic problems such as frustration due to low performance, low expectations, poor personal relationships with teachers, and the presence of learning disabilities are all risk factors.

Between and gang activity was recorded in 1, cities and counties where it had not been reported previously. Furthermore, an average ofyouths age 18 and younger are incarcerated daily. The piece usually contains elaborate depictions or a montage of images. Tagging first appeared on the East Coast in the late s and made its way to the West Coast by the s.

At first, gangs tended to be big-city problems—the NYGS indicated that most cities with populations overreported that the proliferation of gangs became a problem between and the early s. In some instances, it may be a way of communicating messages to other gang members, functioning like a newsletter.

Chapter 8: Violence and Gangs

Seals expresses the general consensus on gangs thus: Law enforcement agencies believed this was especially true in the distribution of marijuana Scouting, athletics, or debate clubs offer ways for kids to meet new friends and participate in various group activities, such as camping, learning crafts, and so on.

This percentage increased from 42 percent when only one drug was readily available to 69 percent when seven drugs were readily available, and then dropped slightly when eight or nine drugs were readily available. For example, the two largest gangs in the Los Angeles area are the Bloods and the Crips.

Gangs in the United States

Among the various types are personal musings, tagging, piecing or bombing, and gang graffiti. New immigrant communities are often isolated by language barriers and difficulties in finding employment. In some instances, gang members threaten the child or members of his or her family into joining, offering protection from bullies or rival gangs.

Additionally, hyperactivity, low self-esteemand lack of role models can contribute as well. Dysfunctional families, or broken homes, are quite common in impoverished communities compared to middle- and upper-class communities.Gangs arise from every ethnicity in America, and we should examine some studies and reliable statistics in order to get a clearer picture of the problem of gangs in America.

Obtaining a clear. The goals of the Gangs and Gang Violence program of research are to improve knowledge and understanding of criminal gangs-related issues through science.

NIJ strives to provide objective. Gang umbrella organizations like the Folk Nation and People Nation have originated in prisons. One notable American prison gang is the Aryan Brotherhood, an organization known for its violence and white supremacist views.

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Program Description. Research about gangs is often intertwined with research about gun violence and drug crime. It is clear that gangs, guns, drugs and violence are interconnected.

[1]. Chapter 8: Violence and Gangs THE SCOPE OF THE GANG PROBLEM [1]CHARACTERISTICS OF GANGS [2]GANG CRIME AND VIOLENCE [3]CONSEQUENCES OF BEING IN A GANG [4] THE SCOPE OF THE GANG PROBLEM Gangs have a long history in the United States [5], dating back to the s.

A research on gangs and violence in america
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